Coffee cup design advertisment for ROH

3D mockup of a coffee cup modeled by Peachy to showcase the cup design to the customer.

QR code that redirects to the company's website

How it's done.

The customer has already printed some cups before for his coffee shop, so he brought us a cup to check its shape and size. We asked the producing and printing company to send us a template to work on.
And from that information, we also modeled the 3D model of the cup to create a concept and better visualize the final product.

Here is the template image by the production company with our design ready to be sent.

The first iteration of the design and the 3d model mockup

When everything is ready and the customer is happy, the design is sent in a vector-type file to the production company for printing.

I wanna include that the pattern design is based on starline from Freepik