SouzaSim (Franchise) Game Design


SouzaSim is a motorcycle game franchise. Currently, there are 3 games each game has a slightly different variation of the main logotype, the logo leans sideways to show movement and action. 

SouzaSim logo on top and on bottom from left to right SouzaSim Symbol, Souzasim Moped Edition Icon, SouzaSim Drag Race Icon and SouzaSim Project icon.


The main logo is plain black while each franchise has a different hue of orange and red.

User Interface


On the first screenshot SSP, we can the UI is made out of rectangles, it’s been used a lot in recent games that are inspired by Windows Metro UI, and on the third screenshot, we can see the UI of SSME a dock in the center bottom and navigation icons on top corners similar to Mac OS user interface.

SSP: SouzaSim Project

SSDR: SouzaSim Drag Race

SSME: SouzaSim Moped Edition