Brand idenity with ICEAGE an ice production company

Ο Παγος ειναι τροφιμο! - Ice is food!

An inspiring handwritten moto under the logo of ice age accompanying the main and strong ICE AGE name, A quirky penguin that attracts anyone at first glance.


ICEAGE is a starter ice production company, it started with no name or any brand identity. the owner came for help and we helped him with everything, from naming the company to understanding the marketing behind selling ice to consumers at the supermarket, we studied how the company can attract everyday customers into their fridges by designing the familiar logo with interesting and vibrant colors.

Then we produced all the needed designs from business cards, packages, fridges, and clothing to truck warps and football field ads, to accompany the ice in its path.

(left) ice packaging design (right) a shirt and a hat design

Winter clothing design

(left) packaging (right) Bussines cards with a QR Code implemented

Fridge truck warp design

(left) early packaging design (right) fridge design

Football field advertisement